Virgil B. Walker has devoted his entire career to public service on behalf of his community. A resident of Montgomery County since 1991, Virgil and his wife Courtney have one child presently in and two have graduated from Montgomery County schools. A distinguished prosecutor in his professional life, in his personal life Virgil is a committed father, a talented musician, and an involved community leader. Through his long-standing membership to his local church, Virgil has served as a Board member of the Family Life Center in Jenkintown and the Rose Foundation in Plymouth Meeting. He has also served as a host family for A Better Chance (ABC) Lower Merion in Ardmore. Virgil’s devotion to community and commitment to public service are why he wishes to serve the people of Montgomery County as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.


Virgil has proudly spent his entire career in the courtroom. For the past 27 years, Virgil served the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which includes Montgomery County and eight surrounding counties, as an Assistant United States Attorney. He tried over 60 cases to verdict, representing the citizens of Southeastern Pennsylvania in criminal trials as varied as bank robberies, narcotics trafficking, and white-collar crime. He has also argued before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Earlier in his career, Virgil honed his courtroom skills as a public defender and a Chief Assistant City Solicitor. In each of these legal roles, Virgil worked tirelessly to assure fair and just results. His experience as a public defender and a criminal prosecutor, and his unwavering personal integrity, provide him with a unique ability to apply the law objectively and fairly, free from personal bias and opinion. He has observed first-hand how judges and attorneys impact the community, for better or worse. He possesses a deep understanding of the law balanced with a profound sense of compassion and has demonstrated time and again a detailed knowledge of courtroom procedure and the rules of evidence.

The Court of Common Pleas affects the common household in a variety of ways. All of us know someone who has been involved in an unfortunate car accident, a child custody case, or a contract dispute, or have had a friend or family member arrested and charged with a crime. With Virgil as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, the citizens of Montgomery County will have someone with the temperament to apply the law evenly and fairly, while recognizing how his decisions and the conduct of his courtroom may impact constituents’ lives today and into the future. Above all, Virgil will evaluate every case that comes before him fairly, objectively, and absent preconceived notions for or against any person.

Although Virgil has had the great fortune to meet and speak with formal dignitaries, including Presidents of the United States, Governors and members of Congress, he most relishes his service and interactions with everyday citizens, from rural farmers to car mechanics, school teachers to soccer coaches, and everyone in between. Their common thread is that “they all work hard, and


all take care of their families” — a sentiment and philosophy of life that Virgil most respects. It is this message of respect and appreciation for all people that Virgil and Courtney have sought to instill in their three children, and it will be a guiding philosophy for Virgil if he has the honor and privilege to serve the people of Montgomery County as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.



Virgil is active in the Montgomery County community.

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